The iADH is delighted to invite you to share your research at iADH 2022 Paris
and to participate in the iADH research competition.

Abstracts are invited on the theme of Special Care Dentistry (SCD).

Within the iADH definition, SCD concerns those individuals with an activity restriction, a health condition and/or a disability that directly or indirectly affects their oral health, within the personal and environmental context of that individual. This population may include patients of all ages, disabled persons, medically compromised patients, mental health patients, patients with dental fear, frail older persons, prison populations, refugees, homeless persons, etc.

Topic categories include:

  • Clinical research

  • Public health or social sciences research

  • Basic or biological sciences research

  • Education research

  • Case studies

Submissions are encouraged both from dentists and the wider SCD team – physicians, speech therapists, hygienists, nurses, educators…


All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by the iADH Scientific committee using pre-established criteria. The Scientific Committee will make the final decision on category of submission; acceptance or rejection; presentation format (oral or poster); acceptance into an awards competition; and selection for publication. Only iADH members are eligible for awards.

All submitted abstracts must be accompanied by a declaration of conflict of interest and a statement of ethical approval / patient consent as appropriate.



The iADH scientific committee is honoured to announce the judges for iADH 2022 Paris.

Nine members of the scientific committee will make up the judging panel that is to be co-chaired by Professors Blanaid Daly and Pedro Diz Dios. Our distinguished colleagues will grade submitted abstracts as they come in using pre-established scoring criteria. They will decide whether accepted authors will be invited to present an oral or a poster presentation. They will also determine which authors will be shortlisted to compete in the iADH Awards sessions. Be aware that only iADH members are eligible for awards.

The judges will be present in Paris to judge the live Awards sessions for both oral communications and posters. Shortlisted presentations will be judged by at least two of the panel of judges, again using pre-established criteria.

The Awards will be awarded to the presenting author at the iADH General Assembly during the conference.

Prize winning contributors will win a prize of up to a maximum of $500 in one of 5 categories:

1) Best clinical research

2) Best public health or social sciences research

3) Best educational research

4) Best case report

5) Best early career research (<36 years)

We are delighted to disclose the full iADH Paris 2022 judging panel:

Prof Blanaid Daly
Prof. Pedro Diz Dios
Dr. Susanne Krämer
Dr. Caoimhin MacGiolla Phadraig
Prof. Luc Marks
Prof. Colman McGrath
Prof. Gustavo Molina
Prof. Andreas Schulte
Shelagh Thompson-juge