Quality Matters
ensuring equitable health outcomes

The guiding principle for the iADH 2022 programme is QUALITY – how do we enable persons with special needs to achieve optimal oral health in terms of prevention, promotion, services and treatment.

The scientific content will include all aspects of Special Care Dentistry* including those relating to paediatric dentistry, gerodontology, restorative dentistry, oral medicine, dental public health, prosthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, periodontology, sedation, teledentistry, multidisciplinary care and much more. It will also cover some of the wider aspects of SCD, including education, ethics, political lobbying, disability representation and inclusion.

We hope there will be lively debate!

* Special Care Dentistry is defined by iADH as follows:

Special Care Dentistry concerns individuals with a disability or activity restriction that directly or indirectly affects their oral health, within the personal and environmental context of the individual. Depending on service structure, people requiring special care may also include persons living in a social, cultural or environmental context that directly or indirectly affects their oral health, in relation to the social determinants of health and to barriers experienced in accessing health care and prevention. i.e. depending on local environmental context (service structure), this population may include patients of all ages, medically compromised patients, prison populations, recent immigrants or refugees, homeless persons, persons with dental fear or phobia, travellers etc. The majority of these patients will receive care in the primary health care sector and a minority with more complex needs will require specialist care.