Santé Orale et Soins Spécifiques

French Association for Disability and Oral Health


SOSS is an association composed of representatives of the dental profession, of patient associations, and of healthcare networks and professionals. SOSS was created in its current form in 2011. The association’s goal is to improve oral health for persons with disability through the promotion of oral health prevention and dental services.

To achieve this goal the association’s abjectives are:

  • To federate existing networks, associations, stakeholders, patients and patient representatives relating to special care dentistry

  • To share the experience of local or regional actors and initiatives

  • To support any initiative that improves access to prevention or to dental care for persons with special needs

  • To promote research, training and teaching in the field of special care dentistry

  • To provide public authorities with recommendations and propositions to improve the oral health of persons with special needs.

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